What we do

We offer a wide range of digital-image services

And we love to. In short, we started with the post-production processing of photograpic images when the digital revolution began. After a while, we got involved in exciting CGI post-production projects. Today, we offer post-production work from automotive CGI to fashion editorials and headshots by combining technical knowledge with structured working. Cross-linked thinking and an experienced eye for details and composition contribute as well. As a special service, we even capture 360° HDR-Spheres that are used for perfect CGI-Shots and offer on-set retouching and digital assistance. We maintain an extraordinary network of interdisciplinary artists and technicians who constitute the perfect breeding ground for your projects.

Photography Retouching

A photo tells a true story… Sometimes.

But most of the time, visual material is altered, retouched and composed. If we scroll down social media, we don’t pay much attention to all of the cell phone snapshots such as the no-brain shot of someone taking pictures of their meal. But we pay attention to delicious looking, arranged and mouth-watering pictures of food. We want to give visual imagery to an audience where the result is worth looking at for longer than just the blink of an eye, and we think that your project is worth it. How can you and your product achieve more attention and more success? When you work together with people who know what they are doing.

CGI (Post-) Production

CGI is everywhere. But you don’t see it.

In the last 5 years, CGI has become more and more powerful. Nowadays, it is so impressive, that you cannot ascertain the difference between classical photography and CGI material. While classical photography is limited to real objects in real environments, CGI offers producing visual material without having real objects at a specific location. In fact, it is possible to produce images of objects which have not been produced or manufactured yet. For example, IKEA. They have an amazing catalogue. Over 95% of the images are computer generated.

From the economic point of view:  we don’t have to start mass-production or prototyping before we have started the production of product images. Sounds significantly more favourable, right?

360° HDR-Panorama

Dynamic Range is important

Panorama images have been part of the industry for ages. For creating stunning CGI imagery, you need something different than just a 360° photo which you capture with your cellphone. What you really need is a high-resolution 360° image with the maximum of dynamic range which can be achieved in the typically short time on location.
We developed an automatic workflow that allows us to minimize the time we need on set while maximizing the quality for the final production. Working live on set for shooting days is not a problem. We also don’t care about the freezing cold or burning sun.

Min. Exposure

Creative Retouching

Retouching is not mindless, it is working with the soul*

From your own experience, you know the difference between working with all your passion and all the effort you put into one of your own projects, and just doing something someone else wanted you to do. We’ll make your project our project and we will love to see it growing. The best story to tell is a story full of success and good experiences. With planning and proper communication, every project will be successful. Why not start communicating today?
*and sometimes with a lot of coffee

What clients say

“Our production was great. Thanks for all what you have done!“

“Next time we better call you in right from the start. We don't want to waste time anymore.“

“Your technical analytical way of looking at our renderings helped us so much. Thank you!“


The last years were full of exciting projects with wonderful clients. Maybe a small list can help you to realize that we are the right partner for your imagery.