Visual appeal imagery is the most important aspect of modern communication. Aesthetic visual material helps you evolve and show your strength when everyone else is overwhelmed. Retouching is an essential part of striking imagery.


Striking aesthetics when you need it most. We enhance to perfection when visual material has to stand out from the masses.

On all media

From the tiny screens of mobile phones to big walls: We prepare your visual content as base for your communication. We don't care how massive your material is.


We never leave you alone when you need a second opinion. With years of experience we know how the cookie crumbles. Why not talk about it and find a solution together? Coffee?

We are partners to our clients to assist in understanding their individual needs, and to elevate the value of their brands through thoughtful insight.

''Whenever I have a vision of a picture, I know that Retouch.One will exceed expectations! I'm always amazed about the huge difference you can achieve when you work with good retouchers.
It is a extraordinary experience to feel that someone else is spending so much love to all the details in every single image. I am looking forward to the next job when nothing is impossible.''

Elisa Schlütter Fashionstylist / Makeupartist,

''We have been working togeher for ages. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the love you spent on our work. I simply can't imagine publishing without getting your finishing perfection first.''

Carina Musitowski Fashion Stylist

''Retouch.One is absolutely great! The editing and details are unique.
You always get fantastic results and can rely on it. Never without Retouch.One anymore - I would recommend it to everyone.''

Natalie Schönberger Model & Pole-Artists on Stage

''Retouch.one is my first choice and only choice for getting images enhanced, a reliable and professional partner.''

Matthias Niesenhaus Designer & Concept-Artist

``Whatever we need to get fixed in our images, we always can rely on the work of Retouch.One. We have come to the point, that we will not pass of your further Ideas and the precision of your work. Retouch.one makes THE difference for us.``

portrait frank kortgoedde
Frank Kortgödde Manager Finance / Strategy
Lea Kortgödde


Holden Hoffington


Ceccilla Pinto

Creative Director

Can Bonomo

Development Director

Kimmy Gulotta

Senior Designer

Jason Hu

Senior Developer

Let’s Work Together

Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to your gut feeling. It is a quick reaction that makes the difference between a good result and a fiasco. The most important aspect is having a partner by your side who is willing to help you becoming more successful. Let’s accomplish stunning projects and make the world a little more beautiful together. Visual perfection is not just an empty concept for us, it is a concept that describes out thinking — with love from Germany.

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